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Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Review:

Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Review. Vikranth(Sarath Srerangm) is a psychologist who involves grasp that his new villa is haunted by evil spirits. Upon reaching the villa, he comes across the 2 spirits of Seetha(Karunya Chowdary) and her female offspring. who are these mother-daughter spirits? what’s their past? and the way will Vikranth wear down all this? That forms the remainder of the story.

Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Review
Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Review

Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Plus Points:-

The biggest quality of the film is that the last thirty minutes. this can be the time once the flashback associated with Seetha is narrated during a very emotional and fascinating manner. The approach the film is over on a novel note is interesting.

Sarath, who compete the psychologist will well in his crucial role. Karunya Chowdary is extremely impressive as Seetha. The way she showcases very good emotions along with her husband vie by director Anil is pretty impressive and is sweet to observe throughout the crunch emotional moments.

Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Minus Points:-

The film kicks off on a very dull note. there’s nothing new rave regarding throughout this point because the horror scenes with reference to the spirit are showcased in a very uninteresting manner.

The director takes plenty of your time to enter its main character. as a result of this, the proceedings become quite slow and out-of-date. apart from the second half associate degree hour, the manner the remainder of the film is written reminds United States of the many routine thrillers.

Tagubothu Ramesh’s comedy track is outright silly and has no that means the least bit. associate degree item song that comes throughout the crunch time within the last half deviates the eye of the audience.

Sita Ramuni Kosam Telugu Movie Conclusion:-

On the complete, Seetaramuni Kosam could be a passable adventure story that has some tight moments throughout the second half AN hour. sensible performances by the lead solid and interesting climax are basic assets. On the flipside, the routine storyline and boring half will get to you sometimes. If you manage to sit down through this routine narration, you’ll find yourself feeling what follows within the end. Watch it if you have got nothing else to do.

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