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PSV Garuda Vega Telugu Full Movie Story:

Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Review. Niranjan, a young and impressive tech-smart guy who holds a extremely classified government info tries to evade the govt. officers who are in desperate would like of identical. Meanwhile, Shekar, a sincere NIA officer WHO has handled many covert operations on his Last Day at work gets concerned within the investigation of a murder of a lady. His rummage around for the criminal leads him to Niranjan WHO tries to escape from the murder location. however Niranjan solves the mystery story, forms the crux.

Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Review
Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Review

Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Cast & Crew:

Cast : Rajasekhar, Sanjay Reddy, Sunny Leone, Pooja Kumar, Kishore, Nazar
Director : Praveen Sattaru
Music Director: Sricharan Pakala
Producer : Koteshwara Raju M

PSV Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Review : 

Sekhar( Dr.Rajasekhar) is a desirable secret cop with National administrative unit (NIA). he’s married to Swathi (Pooja Kumar). As Sekhar hides his identity, he continuously winds up in issues together with his spouse. He has been appointed a awfully delicate case of a hacker Niranjan Iyer (Adit Arun) who is on the run. however Sekhar completes this mission? WHO is Niranjan Iyer? what’s the full scam behind all this? to induce these answers, one ought to watch the film on silver screen.

Plus Points:

  • Rajasekhar’s Performance
  • Cinematography
  • BGM
  • Sunny Leone’s song

Minus Points:

  • Editing
  • Lengthy Second Half

Final Word:

To sum it all, Garuda Vega has its pluses within the variety of technical art and performances. it’s many notches more than a daily Telugu film. Dr. Rajasekhar created a self-made comeback with the film. the first half the film is engaging with family and action parts. The second half fully runs with a thrill. the key assets of the picture are the performance of Rajasekhar, action sequences and production values. The good choreography of action scenes, background score and visuals are the attractions on the technical front. Considering its cost and time, its VFX works are very good. it’s specifically what a blockbuster ought to be. vastly fun, without ever being dumb.

PSV Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Rating : 3/5

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